Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Beautiful Mess

By: Maria Katreena M. Eslava, RN

      Consider me lucky 'cause I'm inlove with my best friend.

      It's been a year since tear drops fell from my eyes when I uttered the words, "Yes, I love you." After 3 years of friendship, on March 24, 2012 (Tuesday), the night of my graduation ball, was the night my best friend had an added responsibility - becoming my boy friend. For me, it was the perfect night for a perfect couple to be officially together. I didn't plan any of this to happen, but I know destiny will still find a way to have our ways cross each other.

      I thought I would never love again. I thought all men are designed to love and just fool around. I thought I could not find the person who will patiently wait and mend my broken and skeptic heart. I just thought you would be the friend I really needed. I thought wrong. You are God's gift in disguise. He gave me you during my darkest days and you were His instrument in bringing me to the real world where love is a real emotion and not just a mere idea.

      You were a friend when I needed someone to talk to. You were a friend when I was alone. You were a friend when I didn't even want to have a friend. You saw all my flaws and yet embraced them. You saw just a glimpse of my good traits and yet chose to magnify them. You said you love me and until now, you stand by your word. We complement each other in a lot of things, let it be attitude, talents, or interests. You are not the perfect man, but, I can say, the right man for me.

      And now, we've been together already for a year. I would always joke around and tell you that I never imagined being in a relationship with you, and you would answer that you saw this coming even before. Law of attraction is, indeed, powerful, isn't it? :) It wasn't a smooth year; there were a lot of ups and downs, we both know that. But I am so grateful that you didn't give up on me.  Thank you for staying by my side despite all the hardships our relationship has gone through. Thank you for making me part of your world and making the effort of being part of mine, as well. Thank you for simply loving me unconditionally.

      To the person who knows all the bad things I hide in my closet yet ignores them. To the person who sees all the goodness in me and focuses on my positive traits. To the person who tells me the right thing to do instead of telling me the wrong things I've done. To the person who motivates me to go after my dreams. To the person who gets mad at my wrong actions but gives me a hug to catch me whenever I stumble and learn from those mistakes.

      To the person who loves me for who I am and not only for what I've done and become. To the person who supports me in my passion. To the person who never used his strength to yell at me or hurt me despite the bad moods. To the person who makes me feel so special like no one else exists in the world but me. To the person who never brings up bad things and hardships from the past.

      To the person who focuses at the present time and foresees a bright future. To the person who loves his family so much. To the person who loves selflessly. To the person who gives generously. To the person who forgives unconditionally. To the person who I can run to anytime and trust my thoughts with. To the person who is my best friend. To the person I love so dearly. To my Sun and Stars.

My Babe,
I Love You.

Happy Anniversary!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

UST CON Pioneered Research Conference for Nursing Students

By: Charmaine M. Parado and Maria Katreena M. Eslava
Photos by: Levin Sajor

In line with its 65th founding anniversary, the University of Santo Tomas - College of Nursing (UST-CON) organized and hosted the 1st International Research Conference for Nursing Students (IRCoNS) in the country last March 9 to 10, 2011 with the theme Stimulating Creative Minds towards New Frontiers in Nursing Research.

The two-day international research conference, attended by 765 national and international delegates from 29 local and international institutions, was formed with an aim to “heighten the awareness of its participants on the significance of research in the practice of nursing as a profession”. It paved the way to showcase different research works conducted by nursing students around the country.

It was started with Fr. Pablo Tiong’s welcome remarks where he encouraged the Nursing researchers to “...research about what we are going to do with so many nurses.” He also mentioned that section 10 of the RH bill is insulting for the Nursing profession as it is the part that says contraceptives will be considered as “essential” medicines – drugs which manufacturing and distribution must be funded by the government. He added, “Aside from the physical beauty, I appreciate the nurses and the nursing profession.” 

Afterwards, Hon. Carmencita Abaquin, Chairman of Board of Nursing (BON), gave her keynote speech, entitled The State of the Nursing Profession in the Philippines, discussing the functions of the BON. 

Thereafter, Professor Wendy Michele Cross, the Head of Australia’s Monash University’s School of Nursing and Midwifery, started the series of plenary sessions with a discussion entitled, Collaborative Investigation: Research beyond Borders.

On the same day, Prof. Allan de Guzman of UST CON and UST Graduate School enlightened everyone with his Critical Appraisal of Qualitative-Quantitative Researches where he clarified that one is not better than the other. According to him, the approach would depend on the researcher and the blindspots or blankspots to be explored. As he said, “Life at times is deceiving. Research at times is deceiving.”

Gracing the event was the Philippine Nurses’ Association President Teresita Irigo-Barcelo who gave a talk entitled Nursing Research and Nursing Practice: Bridging Gaps, Building Links. She tackled the importance of nursing research not only as a mere paper work that has to be submitted as part of the curriculum requirement but an important factor in improving the profession.

The last speaker for the first day of the conference was Prof. Roger Watson, the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Clinical Nursing. He shared some pointers and tips on how to get research works published in various research journals with his talk, Writing for Publication.

The second day began with Qualitative Research: Looking through the Lens of Humanity by Prof. Erlinda C. Palaganas the President of the Philippine Nursing Research Society.

Then, Professor Lourdes Marie S. Tejero, currently the head of the Research and Creative Writing Program and Assistant Dean of the University of the Philippines College of Nursing, explicated on using theory development in nursing with her talk Theory Development in Nursing and Application in Nursing Practice.

Thereafter, various concurrent sessions including Evidenced-based Practice in Nursing by Prof. Roger Watson and The Leadership Journey by Prof. Carol Jorgensen Huston were held. The different sessions showcased the studies of both graduate and undergraduate researchers who tackled nursing therapeutics, health promotion, maternal and child nursing, nursing administration, nursing education, oncologic and gerontologic nursing, and care for special population and chronically ill patients. A total of 112 researches about the aforementioned topics were disseminated in the conference either through an oral presentation or a poster presentation.

“The presentations during the conference have proven that undergraduates can come up with a comprehensive and quality research,” said UST College of Nursing Dean Glenda A. Vargas. 
“I was very impressed by the sort of projects being done at undergraduate level,”said Journal of Clinical Nursing Editor-in-Chief Roger Watson. “I think the students need to think about trying to get published,” he suggested.

Dean Vargas, who was also the over-all chairperson of the event, said that she feels happy that the event happened in UST as the College celebrates its 65th year and the Quadricentennial anniversary of the University.

“Research will always challenge students to exceed [what we usually expect from them],” Dean Vargas said. “It has been a fruitful gathering that underscored the research development and creative efforts of both students and faculty,” she concluded.